Styles of Shoes Every Man Needs in his Wardrobe

Gentlemen, having 10 pair of shoes is not harmful for you, just as women whom 10 pair of shoes are a necessity to them. Today am here to help you build a versatile and the sexiest wardrobe. Let us look at some of the shoe styles that every man should own and identify the scenarios on when and where to wear them:

  1. The casual kick

kick casual.jpgBest on a weekend after a long week, pair them with some casual pants or joggers to achieve a casual stylish look. If you are not an old school sneaker style type, e.g. addidas then go for the newer stuff like the jordans or yeezys. However make sure they are stylish and appropriate.

yeezy boost.jpg



  1. The loafer

They are appropriate for a casual Friday, probably you rocking your favorite slim fit flat front chinos, a good sweater and a shirt, and to complete that professional stylish look you need a dress loafer. I would say a dress loafer is the best shoe in the market, because:

  • It actually works with suits.
  • You can still wear it with a business casual look.
  • You can also pair it with a pair of jeans.

dressy loafers.jpg

They are actually different colors of the dress loafers, so when you get down to that store to get it pick colors of your choice.

  1. A pair of boots


There is this time in every man’s life, where you meet up with your boys ready to enjoy yourselves with your drinks. However, a night is never complete without those lovely women, so to achieve the chick magnet look you need to have the boots in your wardrobe. Boots brings the bad boy look and to shine the look pair the boots with a pair of jeans.

  1. The lace-up shoes


laced-up brogues.jpg

Lace-up shoes are all over, talk of brogues, capped and split toe. They all look awesome and complete those visual images in your mind.

Brown capped.jpg

You can never go wrong with a laced-up shoe since it can be appropriate at the office, where you can dress it up with a suit or dress it down with jeans.



  1. Monk strap


It has a great design and you can never go wrong with it. It all depends on you if you prefer a single monk strap or double strap. Best in events and you will surely stand out.


Shoes are amazing and hope they are important to you as they are to me.




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