Dressing Your Skin Tone

This is a continuation of the previous article on How to Wear the Right Colour for Your Skin Tone.

Based on the tones mentioned in the previous article, I am going to give you colours that will work best for your undertone. Once you have determined what your undertone is, these are the colours you need to stick to. Though I need to make a point clear that, this doesn’t mean that you only have to wear these colours. This mean that these colours will make you look better; your skin is going to glow, you are going to pop and everyone is going to appreciate your look. Here are the skin undertones:

  1. Warm undertone


If you ran through the test and you figured out that you have a warm undertone, rich colours like orange, golden, yellow, red, amber, olive green and deep blues will bring out your colour beautifully. Your natural colour is going to pop when you wear these colours. On the other hand you might want to avoid more muted colours like brown and dark greys, since these will tend not to be as resilient against your skin and won’t look as good.

  1. For the cool guys

If you notice that you have a cool undertone, then more drool colours tend to look good against your skin. Colours like a ruby or burgundy looks amazing on cool undertone, blue or sapphire colour also look great on cool undertones, royal blue, lavender, emerald green, which is also like a forest green and light pink all look great on cool undertones.


On the other hand, you want to avoid strong rich colours, as they will easily overwhelm your overall look and just wash you out and make you look pale. Strong orange or your deep yellow those are the ones you might want to stay away from, which is the direct opposite of warm undertones since warm undertones look great in those colours.

  1. Neutral undertones


If you went through the tests and couldn’t decide which one you are, chances are you are neutral undertone and if that is the case you should look at the colour wheel and kind of focus on colours that fall in the middle of that colour spectrum. They tend to be lighter colours like light peach, light blue, light green and off white tend to look amazing. Greys look great you too. They really give your skin that pop that you looking for.




On the other hand, those colours you want to avoid are the ones that you are going to overwhelm your overall look, which tend to be the vibrant strong colours like bloody red or strong yellow. Those you might want to stay away from if you neutral skin undertone.

The above will make you think over before you decide to choose on colours.


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