Girls! Tips to Easy Dressing

Dressing can be quite a challenge for some of us. The challenge might be from ignorance, lack of own style, low esteem or lack of information. I would like to discuss some of the tips and tricks on how to get dressed up every day and how to figure out what to wear and look stylish.


I understand some of us get frustrated when they try to dress up, where you have an idea of what you want to look like, but you don’t know how to achieve that look so you end up going back to your same old look.

My mission is to help you achieve your look by following the tips outlined below:

  1. Individual or personal decision


You need to figure out what you want to look like, since you will at least have a guide and somewhere to start. Whether you want to look sporty, casual, or as a super girly girl or you want to look as a super chic all the time.

  1. Look at your closet

First thing, purge your closet and get rid of those clothes that you are not using, especially that outfit that has taken a year since the last time you wore it, because chances are you are not going to wear that outfit.

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After purging your closet look and analyse the outfits that you really don’t get to wear so that next time while doing your shopping you will avoid getting more of what you don’t need or like.

  1. Get good basic pieces


Let us look on the basic important attire that I think is okay for everyone and that is a bodysuit. A bodysuit gives some shape to your body so that you are not frumpy looking. Basic pieces that have really versatile colours like cream, white, nude, black and blush pink look very nice, so opt for more fancier basics over t-shirts.

  1. Invest in good outerwear



By outerwear, I mean jackets, nice cardigans and blazers. This acts as accessories to your outfit, so you can go plain for example all black, throw on a jacket and automatically you look really put together on your upper level and you are good to go.

  1. Whether change

Most of the time when it is too hot out there and you don’t need a third piece. It obvious you need to go a little bit lighter, so make sure you invest in some nice blousey pieces.

As I conclude, the habit of shopping just to fill up your closet should stop. When shopping just ask yourself, if what you shopping for will still be in use in the next coming months, if not get something else.

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