How to Hide a Belly with Outfits

Being a woman comes with a high price since you are expected to be at your best look day in and day out, even at an old age. One thing that affects women is the belly or tummy or baby fat. The obvious choice when trying to hide a belly is to wear baggy clothes but actually, when you wear baggier clothes they will make you look bigger than you actually are. Therefore, I want us to look at some styling tips and point out what you should look for next time you go out for shopping.

Having a bit of a belly does not necessarily mean that you heavier, since these might be genetic meaning you cannot do much about it. So let us look at the dos and the don’ts if you fall under this category.

The don’ts:

  1. Wearing shirts that hit exactly at the top of the waistband of your pants, since that area tends to be the biggest part of your stomach.



2. Stay away from tiny belts, if you going to wear that tiny belt a little high up at your natural waist that is fine but never wear the small belt along the biggest part of your stomach because you are literally drawing a line around the circumference of that area. The tiny belt also draws people’s eyes around that area as well.

If you love belts, I would highly suggest that you go for a belt with a width of an inch or more, since it kinda balances out the proportions, covers and can hold you a little bit more.

The dos or the outfits you can dress and flatter your tummy and look lovely:

  1. Longer tops


Longer tops are ideal especially when they hit a couple of inches below the waistband, because longer tops will not cut you off in your biggest area at your waist.

  1. Anything with a peplum…


…because if fits well at the waist and then it kind-of flatters out. These will also give you room to sit and the belly cannot be seen.

  1. Anything with texture


The texture kind-of distracts someone from noticing the stomach unlike being in a skin-tight dress or top.

  1. A-lining dresses


These are very flattering to every figure, since the dress does not hug the body whether at the front or at the back; it is very free flowing and very comfortable.

  1. Vest-like blazer


A vest-like blazer hides a multitude of figure issues that you may have and the blazer being long, causes the eyes to look up and down rather than side to side. Therefore, it is great in concealing the tummy and it is very comfortable.

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